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All truths are easy to understand,
once they are discovered;
The point is to discover them.

     Galileo (1564 - 1642)

There are events happening in your local community and around the world that do, and will continue to, effect each and everyone on this planet.   The dissemination of this information is vital to the future of your family and the communities in which they live.   Information and resources do exist and are available NOW but are NOT being promoted via Mainstream Media.   Changes are coming and coming fast.

Might Be
A Hard Pill
To Swallow!

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ExpoZium.com is a delivery vehicle providing information, facts and resources gathered by an Independent Research Group. The group is independently funded, receives no government grants and no funding from private corporations or their lobbyists. The researchers in this group have personally reviewed the data, facts, findings and resources; applied the knowledge at their own personal level; and stand with their evidence that the Facts are Indisputable and now stand ready to share with you, your family and your community.


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